South Carolina Auxiliary Communications

SC AUXCOMM represents the interests of affiliated volunteer auxiliary communications organizations throughout South Carolina and facilitates the inclusion of their contact information.   Volunteers in SC AUXCOMM may also be members of ARES, RACES, MARS, SCSG or CERT.

The primary purpose of SC AUXCOMM is to provide emergency officials a comprehensive and up to date listing of volunteer operators who have a keen interest in providing emergency communications support.  Individuals in SC AUXCOMM have demonstrated a commitment to developing knowledge, interpersonal skills and operating expertise, as required by state emergency managers, in order to work in the State Emergency Operations Center or deploy with state communications assets.  These assets include but are not limited to the State Emergency Communications Vehicle, the SCHEART Trailer, the SC State Guard Trailers, the Aiken County Trailer, and other State Deploy-able assets.  AUXCOMM volunteers may also work in county Emergency Operations Centers, upon request.

SC AUXCOMM volunteers have access to a web based database system that provides the ability to update their personal data (Call Sign, home address, contact telephone numbers, and email address).  The database also provides members the capability to upload FEMA training certificates for specific emergency training. Emergency Planners will access this information when making deployment decisions for communication volunteers.                  

Here’s how SC AUXCOMM works.  Amateur Radio Operators that show a strong interest in Emergency Communications and demonstrate good interpersonal skills, a professional attitude and mature radio techniques, are eligible to become members of SC AUXCOMM.  These individuals would normally be identified from their work in ARES, RACES, MARS, SC State Guard or CERT.

SC AUXCOMM is managed by members of the volunteer organizations and representatives from key state agencies responsible for emergency communication programs in South Carolina.