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20130723_131700SC AUXCOMM is the premier organization in South Carolina for the recruitment and training of volunteer emergency radio operators. Amateur Radio Operators who have expressed an interest in emergency communications operations and demonstrated that they have the basic skills necessary, are invited to join SC AUXCOMM. SC AUXCOMM Regional Coordinators invite qualified individuals in their region to join SC AUXCOMM.

There are a few basic prerequisites for SC AUXCOMM membership. The first is an amateur radio license. This is required because a considerable amount of the equipment and systems used in emergency communications involves amateur radio. If you don’t have a license, there are training programs around the state that offer classes on how to get a license. One example is the SCHEART training program. When classes are offered, they are announced on the SCHEART web site.

There are four FEMA online training courses that are also required. These classes may be taken after you receive an invitation to join SC AUXCOMM. Details on these classes are on this page.

IMG_1869Finally, you must demonstrate the ability to operate in an emergency situation and work with others in providing emergency communications. Prior to receiving an invitation, you may take one of the SC AUXCOMM training classes that are offered to the public. You may also work with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ARES. Signing up for ARES is a good first step to joining AUXCOMM.

SC AUXCOMM has an extensive training program for volunteer radio operators to enhance and grow their skills. Classes cover topics from basic operating skills to the national program for handling emergencies (NIMS), specialized training on statScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.33.20 AMe emergency communications assets and procedures and technical training. Many of the classes are open to the public, so feel free to attend a training class for your own personal development or to get a closer view of SC AUXCOMM and its people. The training is continuous for SC AUXCOMM volunteers.

For more information or questions about membership in SC AUXCOMM , click on the link below, and the Regional Coordinator for your area will contact you.

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